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Tikondane Community School

Update: February '05

The results have come in for those who sat for Grade 7 exams, which is school-leaving level, and all 8 workers of TIKONDANE did pass!

As well, TIKONDANE Community School has topped the PROVINCE in its grade 7 results! This was the first time they sat for the exam, as well, so - are we not right to want to continue and grow?


TIKONDANE Community School was begun almost by accident.

After holding school lessons during holidays, some 30 children arrived when school had started – those who were too poor to go to Government schools, which expect uniform, school shoes and some cash for PTA (Parent, Teacher Association).

We could not say no, and have since been recognized as a COMMUNITY SCHOOL. This means that our children do not have to have uniforms, shoes or indeed anything.

When we received the first money ever from the Ministry of Education for our school, we took over and finished the shelter that had been started by their parents and carers. Then we bought them jerseys as it was the cold season.

We decided to start athletics, and we feel that our girls, especially, might gain in self-concept when wearing proper sports gear.

Our school is meant to have dropouts and late-starters sit for the year 7 exam. Thus we have some 140 children, one third being AIDS orphans, in 4 classes.

Morning school class above (the afternoon class, top of page, is for staff)

The first time round for year 7 exam was in 2004. We hope that subsequently we can offer skills training to some of those who pass, and direct them in ways that will allow them to make a living at that time. It is difficult enough for children to go to school but it is nearly impossible for the majority to get further training.

For children and adults alike, an AIDS PROGRAM has been started, where the most relevant facts are being taught, and discussion is encouraged about new interaction patterns between the sexes as well as the age groups.

Interesting debates have already been had with Chiefs, who were somewhat scandalized by our outspokenness (which is encouraged by the Zambian Government, however).

KARATE classes have taken place since TIKONDANE’S inception, to make young people feel so proud of their body that they want to keep it in good shape, and also football and netball. Recently a scouts group has begun as well.

Above: Community School children eat their lunch of beans with bun.

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