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April 2006

Dear old and new Friend of Tikondane,

In December last year, our computer was killed by lightening and so our vital link with the outside world has been out of action for far too long and I have been travelling to help raise money for Tiko since January and so it is a long time since I let you know what is happening in Zambia.

In December, Tiko was keep very busy with the World Food Programme Emergency feeding of 4400 children in 27 community schools.

A lot of the organisation for the distribution was done by Mustapher who set up an office and took on the job of filling in bills of loading. Not once making a mistake when calculation kilos as against bags (of maize and HEPS, i.e. high energy protein supplement) and bottles (of cooking oil) - most impressive!

We completed the course for Home Based Carers, villagers who would care for people sick with AIDS. It was a great success. For the first time, illiterate people learned mini-microbiology (did you know that some 30 bacteria of a certain kind will find place on the tip of a needle?) and found it interesting. The first time somebody went to sleep was on day 6, in a very hot week!

They also learned to run an irrigation garden, and there should now be such gardens in l6 villages. Tiko will be monitoring progress monthly.

On a more distressing note for us, who receive most of our money in US$, the Zambian Kwacha rose by one third, in connection with debt relief in Zambia and effectively we had to find a lot more money to survive and Isaac came back from his studies as a chartered accountant and came straight to Tiko to learn how to run it.

I left in the middle of January, leaving behind two wonderful volunteers, Anne and Eliza. I travelled to Greeat Britain for three weeks and then to the United States for another six.  In April I will be in Australia and the 9 May, back home in Tiko.

Since January, Isaac has been running Tikondane. I am so proud of how well he is doing, that I would like to share some of his emails to me.

Dear Sr Elke

We are pleased that TIKO will continue. For sure we are and will continue working towards survival. I will encourage everyone to work harder. Had a very fruitful and successful open day... Total sells from all department were K978,000.

Tomorrow im going to the Bank. The rains are promising and currently not so bad, The hunger situation wont be as tough as this year from the look of things. People are really hungry although some just want to take advantage of your absence. We ll speak to everybody.

Dear Sr Elke,

For staff Children exam fees, yes we have paid some half million but early May we need to prepare some 4 million for school fees.  We have also paid about a million for 9 staffs rewriting GCE and 8 sitting for grade 9 . . . Finally just to say we are missing you so so much.   We send you a big hug.  Bless you.

I have had a lot of offers of support from some very kind people and the friends of Tikondane are growing every day.

As these promises come to fruition, I look forward to telling you more.

Thank you,

Elke, Isaac and the crew

P.O. Box 550142, Katete, Zambia
Ph: (Country 260) 6 25 2122
TIKO News #4 for 2005: APRIL '05

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